Rebecca is born into a life of servitude in seventeenth century Turkey.  The tall nineteen-year-old girl is convinced she will live and die a servant in the house of the evil mercenary Andre Kaslov.  She is correct.  Andre Kaslov has returned from a meeting with the priests, and now he is changed from a despotic ruler to an undead creature with a ferocious appetite for the young maiden.  Her death at the hands of this evil man is just the beginning of her journey to find who and what she is.

After a brief meeting with the power-hungry Jean Cirasse, an ancient vampire whose goals she cannot quickly guess, Rebecca removes herself to England and, with the help of several unsavory vampires, sets her own goals in motion.  Rebecca has an advantage over most vampires, though.  She is patient and willing to wait as long as necessary to reach her goals, and to exact revenge on anyone who wrongs her; this includes John Wennington, a man who himself journeys from darkness to light, only to find that the promise of a vampire can take a lifetime to fulfill.

As Rebecca journeys to find herself, and to find her “color,” as her associates put it, she cannot deny who she is: a servant girl whose conscience died a long time ago.  With its deceit and evil, Rebecca wonders, is there a place in this world for an ageless creature as she journeys into the black.

About The Author

Randy Carlisle is a Navy veteran who has been writing fiction and telling stories for more than forty years.  Currently, he works as a Field Service Engineer and lives in Virginia with his wife and youngest son.

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